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Based on advanced new production technology, G Five unlocks and speeds up the potency and power of ginseng to take male performance to new levels. Traditional Asian science has understood the benefits of ginseng for centuries. Now, BLP has refined and distilled the process to maximize male potency.

The Better Life Products vision

Our name says it all. The BLP vision is to improve lives naturally and positively. Built on our philosophy that everything we need for health and happiness lies within us, BLP is all about unleashing that power. We’re building a platform to a range of products, services and ideas that will enhance lives. While the journey is just beginning with G Five, we have other wonderful products in the pipeline e look forward to sharing with the world.

Introducing G Five
Experience the potency

With ginseng its main ingredient, G Five is the perfect combination of nature and science – providing men with an all-natural potency boost.

The power to change men’s lives

The launch of G Five is a breakthrough for men. There has never been an easier, or more natural way for men to awaken their primal power and enjoy a better life.

Is Growing

Our development team is constantly working on the
next generation of products to help find out more
about the human body’s per- formance potential

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Ginseng Is the star

Ginseng has been at the heart of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Now more than ever, people who look for natural remedies to cure, restore and replenish, turn to the power of Ginseng. Now, BLP has discovered a scientific technique to help Ginseng work even better. Applying a new production process that works with different Ginseng-varieties, including Red Korean Ginseng, as the lead ingredients, BLP has amplified the power of Ginseng

A message from our CEO Steve Cullen

At BLP, we’re all about developing effective products that make a positive difference in people’s lives – people like you, your family and your friends. Our products are the result of lessons we’ve learned from science, combined with traditions that date back thousands of years.  

Asian cultures have used ginseng in traditional remedies throughout the centuries. We realized how powerful the American Ginseng root extract was and tapped into an innovative processing method that releases its health benefits into your body faster without diluting its strength.  

Just as it’s important to me that our products have a positive impact on people’s lives, it’s equally important that our environmental impact is absolutely minimal. In everything we do, from production to logistics, we will adopt the very best practices. That’s my promise.

G Five begins a new era for men’s health. We have a product that can help millions of men. This is our very first G Five product and with G Five Menopause on the way, this is just the beginning of the G Five journey. I’d love you to come along on that journey.