Harvesting the of proven power of ginseng

Ginseng has been at the heart of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Now more than ever, people who look for natural remedies to cure, restore and replenish, turn to the power of ginseng. Now, BLP has discovered a scientific technique to help ginseng work even better. Applying a new production process that works with different ginseng varieties, including Korean Red Ginseng as the lead ingredient, BLP has amplified the power of ginseng.

G Five has just hit the shelves

We’re so proud of this gamechanger. G Five is the culmination of everything BLP stands for:

  • The philosophy of living our life the best we can.
  • Understanding that nature has provided the human body with everything it needs.
  • Tapping into thousand-year-old traditional Asian science.
  • Using new knowledge to unlock the natural power of ginseng.
  • Empowering men to reach their full stamina and physical performance.
  • Releasing the power in you.


BLP is founded on the combination of nature and science. BLP uses a technological and innovative process to optimize the raw material extracts used. This process significantly increases the surface area of the raw materials and changes to the charge direction/density and loading potential also take place. Metabolic processes are a complex issue and take place on both a chemical and a physical level. By combining the use of high quality basic raw materials on the one hand and their optimization through innovative processing processes on the other hand, we succeed in acti- vating the raw materials and making them bioavailable. This means that these raw materials are absorbed by the body more quickly, which means that its powers of improvement are released earlier and with more intensity


BLP’s team of experienced pharmacists brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our production process. To add to our scientific credentials, our
product development department has professionals with more than 15 years‘ experience in product development, especially for dietary supplements and functional cosmetics

Donating for a better life

As the creator of the  genuine natural potency enhancer – G Five –  it makes sense to us to help the rhino, animals that have been hunted for decades due to myth that their horn can deliver potency. This is incorrect, cruel and brought this beautiful animal to the brink of extinction.

The World Wildlife Fund Rhino Project

To help save the endangered rhino, Better Life Products is donating one percent of our profits each month to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Rhino Project. So, every time you purchase one of our products, you’re helping to save the magnificent rhino. Together, we can save the rhino and be a part of creating a better life.

G Five Menopause is coming soon

Menopause is such an incredibly important time in a woman’s life. Every woman’s menopause journey is unique with different symptoms affecting their day-to-day life.

At G Five, our team of pharmacists have once again harnessed the power of Ginseng to develop another breakthrough product. This time for women.

BLP has developed a formula that activates the potency of Siberian Ginseng extracts to optimize the effect of the vitamins and minerals contained in the finely tuned G Five Menopause combination. 



The launch of Better Life Products is the beginning of a new era in the awakening of men’s primal powers. We proudly stand behind our showcase, which demonstrates exactly what BLP stands for. Built on the belief that everything we need is already within us, G Five, with its exclusive Ginseng formula and unique production process, is on a mission to connect men with their true power, whenever they choose to, and release it like never before.


With Ginseng its main ingredient, G Five is the first natural performance device, reaching men’s strength like no other product before. Now men can powerfully perform the things they love, whenever they choose. G Five reaches the man in the man, exposing passion and vitality. Welcome to the revolution where nature and the whole man meet.