Harvesting the of proven power of ginseng

Ginseng has been at the heart of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Now more than ever, people who look for natural remedies to cure, restore and replenish, turn to the power of ginseng. Now, BLP has discovered a scientific technique to help ginseng work even better. Applying a new production process that works with different ginseng varieties, including Korean Red Ginseng as the lead ingredient, BLP has amplified the power of ginseng.

G Five – a potent new formula

The G in G Five stands for ginseng, the extraordinary natural extract that is proven to be beneficial to male performance. The Five refers to BLP’s patented five-component formula, consisting of the five ingredients that boost ginseng’s potency. G Five is the result of years of research and marks a new era in natural male potency supplements.

G Five – the synergy of nature and science

G Five is the first BLP product to be released and it sets an exciting benchmark. BLP is founded on the combination of nature and science and G Five is leading the way. BLP uses innovative technology to optimize the raw material extracts. Our advanced process means these raw ingredients, including ginseng, are absorbed more quickly, with more potency and intensity. 

Reinvigorate your natural desires – naturally

Nature has given the human body everything it needs. We’re just giving nature a helping hand. As we know, the stress of modern life takes its toll, particularly as we get older, and a little natural boost can go a long way. That’s where G Five shines. Discover how you can reinvigorate your natural desires – naturally. 

Ancient wisdom meets today’s technology

Using ginseng to boost men’s potency isn’t new – the scientific technique BLP has developed to enhance its effectiveness faster is. At PBL, we’ve taken the learnings of traditional Asian medicine and applied the latest Western science to create a natural male enhancement product that will change lives.


There are certainly numerous “potency drugs” on the market.
But they are either entirely chemical and, combined with
considerable side effects, achieve a purely mechanical but not
natural effect.
Or they try to work with natural ingredients but they often
produce promises instead of an effect, and finally place hope in
the placebo effect.


G Five is different and takes an entirely new, revolutionary path.
G Five starts out at the threshold of a man’s natural sexual
processes: in the brain.


G Five believes in itself. We will also express this in
our brand slogan.